8th Annual German Fest Denver starts today July 17th 2015

Authentic German food, fun, music, dancing & beer ...

Children under 12 free with clean restrooms, handicap accessible, free & convenient parking – fun for entire family !

Arrive early for delicious German food by our world renowned chef Neuhold offering popular brats or black forest cake, Schnitzel or Sauerbraten and premium German Warsteiner bier at our beer garden while listening to our authentic German music bands or dancing entertainment!

KEZW Am broadcasts live from festival 4-6 pm today!


Popular Chalet Dancers back for 8th Annual German Fest Denver

German Festival 2015 has authentic German entertainment, food & bier for whole family!

The Chalet Dancers ...

Please see events page for complete 8th Annual German Festival 2015 bands schedule !


Warsteiner Bier Becomes 8th Annual German Fest Denver 2015 Beer Sponsor


The fine tradition of great German Bier continues at 8th Annual German Fest Denver with Warsteiner, largest private German bier brewer since 1753.  Enjoy several varieties of this premium German Beer at our Bier Garten!

Warsteiner Premium German bier!


8th Annual German Fest Denver Offer Early Signup Discounts for Sponsors & Vendors

German Fest Denver is Family Fun for the Kids & German Food & Beverages for the Adults

packed bier garten...Activities for the kids, as well as for adults with authentic German food, bier, music and dancing !


German Fest Denver 2014 Pictures Now Online

2014 festival proved to successful and lots of fun

having fun with cutouts ...The 7th Annual German Fest Denver 2014 was expanded to 3 days for the 1st time at Civic Green Park in Highlands Ranch, Colorado – location for the 8th Annual German Fest Denver 2015 – July 17th – 19th.


German Fest Denver 2015 is on it’s way

July 17-19th at Civic Green Park, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

monkey fun!

More fun – awesome fun for the entire family including the kids – than a barrel of monkey!

Drone View of the park location for German Fest Denver 2015

Discounts for web sponsors, event sponsors and event vendors with early commitment!


Thanks to Sponsors, Volunteers & Patrons of German Fest Denver 2014

7th Annual German Festival in Civic Green Park, Highlands Ranch, CO a success!

German Festival Dancers...

Our heart felt thanks goes out to all the sponsors and volunteers and patrons of the 7th Annual German Fest Denver recently held July 19th – 20th 2014 at Civic Green Park in Highlands Ranch, CO.

This year’s German Festival was larger and better than the previous years and we are thankful the Colorado region received it so well.  The German food was extrordinary and German music exceptional, as was the German bier Paulaner!


Food & Beer Servers Needed German Fest Denver July 18-20 2014 Highlands Ranch Colorado

Work for tips and at least 21 years old with est attendance at 6,000 over 3-day event

Bier Garten

The 7th annual German Fest Denver needs food+beer servers 4 tips (must be at least 21 years old), at the Bier Garten July 18-20th at the beautiful & spacious Highlands Ranch Civic Green Park. This 3-day family event est attend is 6K so there’s serious fun$ offered!

Loving that Paulaner German Bier!

Authentic German Food that was crowd pleaser/favorite in 2013 and Paulaner German Beer, also pop/water/lemonade will be offered.

Authentic German Food

See events page, food menu page and hours, and then contact Greg 720.288.4071 or Bernie 303.985.0533 ASAP or by email from website!

People loved the German food ...


German Traditional Clothing Costumes Gets German Fest Denver $2.00 Entry Discount

Put on your fun self and lets have fun!

Traditional German Clothing

Personal fashion in Germany is known as ‘Tracht’ which became popular around 1813, in the form of an individual’s wardrobe and personal appearance, as a way of presenting one’s place of origin, marital status, ethnic background or their vocation or social role in life.

Also known as Altdeutsche Tracht, “old German” dress or costume (also known as Deutsche Nationaltracht, “German national costume”). Today Tracht describes any garment reminiscent of the attire of regional German communities.


In northern Germany some of the best known examples are the “Friesische Tracht” and the Finkenwerder Tracht. The “Friesische Tracht” is richly decorated with beads and embroidery.

The Tracht of southern Germans and Austria has inspired an entirely new fashion style, called Landhausmode (Country Estate Style). Landhausmode, influenced by the costumes of the farmers, peasants and rural people, and characterized by the use of linen, loden (a traditional type of felt that has recently[when?] gained popularity worldwide) and embroidery.

Southern Germany, Bavaria and Austria, it is still acceptable to wear ‘tracht’ on official occasions like weddings, festivals, etc.

Costumes worn by professional guilds are also called “Tracht”


Vests are a part of the traditional German man’s wardrobe with colorful trimmings and embroidery.

Forms of clothing varies and are based on regional preferences and customs. An example would be the Loden cape, which is a heavy duty cloak or coat.

German males of the Alpine, Bavaria and the cities wore lederhosen (translates to knee-length trousers or short- leather pants in German), to work and leisure activities

German head dress also differs from German region to region and depends on the occasion. An example is the Alpine hat, with a short brim, also known as the Tyrolean hat is made of felt with a thin cord or braid around the base of the crown. Feathers can be used for decorating. With most German hats, the hat is one size smaller than the individual’s actual hat size, so the hat sits on the head, rather than over it.

The Miesbacher hat is another style, with a complete round but short brim with a rounded top. This is a very regional style coming from a town in Bavaria.

For the Women – Originally, the dirndl was the uniform of the Austrian servants. It’s a close-fitting bodice combined with an apron in a different color. Sometimes its sleeveless and worn with a cotton and lace blouse, sometimes it features sleeves and a high neck.

more on traditional German wardrobe and costumes here …